If you are a homebuyer or investor, let us assist you by researching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a property.

We help clients with project consultation, feasibility studies, due diligence reports, and site sourcing.

Utilise our team of professional negotiators to assist you in the purchasing of a property. 

Have personal one-on-one sessions with our team to expand your current knowledge and help overcome obstacles. 

We overlook your current portfolio and strategise with our vast network of professionals to continuously grow your portfolio.

What services can a buyers agent provide?

When working with a buyer’s agent such as Amassed, you’ll spend the initial part of your engagement discussing your requirements and expectations. The buyer’s agent will note requirements such as how many bedrooms you want, your ideal location, what amenities you prefer close to you, and your budget.

Buyer’s agents are highly knowledgeable about the local real estate market. Knowing your requirements helps them quickly narrow down to your best options and provide insights into what may be new and exciting in the market.

Amassed, for instance, gets to develop a wealth strategy with you that helps them understand your desired property portfolio and provide actionable steps to building it within a set period. Therefore, you start buying properties with a goal, which is a smart way to invest in real estate.

When do you need a buyers agent?

More Australians are turning to professional Brisbane buyers agents to acquire property. On average, 10 to 20% of current property acquisitions are through these professionals. But when do you actually need one?

The typical pointers include:

  • You’re time constrained. Therefore, you don’t have time to find, property research, and negotiate property deals.
  • You need to make the purchase quickly
  • You’re a poor negotiator
  • The property you’re interested in is unique and hot in the Brisbane property markets
  • You want to invest based on data and numbers
  • You’ve been searching for a long time and are undecided
  • You’re interested in a far location where you can’t frequent for inspections
  • You’re planning on getting a property in an auction. You might also need a buyers agent’s help when hunting for distressed sales or off-market properties.
What is an off-market property?

Off-market properties are properties that haven’t been listed on the marketplace. They’re often cheaper to buy and one of the best ways to save money while purchasing property through a buyer’s agent in Brisbane.

That’s because the sellers don’t have to pay advertising or real estate agent fees, which balloon the cost of most properties.

Off-market properties are also often not for sale at that moment. The buyer’s agent negotiates a direct deal between the owner and the buyer without involving a real estate agent.

Discovering off-market properties requires a lot of work. You must have intricate knowledge of the local area’s property landscape, knock on several doors, engage the local community, and perform a few letterbox drops, the latter being one of the most effective ways to find prospects.

What is a buyers agent?

A buyer’s agent is a hired professional who works on your behalf as a property buyer, ensuring you’re getting the best deals for the perfect home or property investment. The agent researches, finds, and negotiates the right property for you.

A buyer’s agent solely represents your interests as a buyer in a real estate transaction, opposite to what a real estate agent would do. The latter have their interests aligned with the seller.

In the long run, a buyer’s agent saves you tons of time and money. You don’t have to worry about the army of other interested buyers trying to knock you off the deal, endless paperwork, and the possibility of being frauded.

Also, a buyer’s agent will link you with other professionals needed to complete the real estate purchase, move into your new home, or start yielding your new investment. These include real estate lawyers, reliable mortgage lenders, removalists, and home inspectors.

What are the fees involved to use a buyers agent?
Buyer's agents fees vary, but generally speaking they cost $15,000+ per property transaction. It's important to ensure you get the maximum value for these fees paid to these agents. Some agents may offer discounted rates, but their expertise, experience, and industry connections should be questioned. Fee structures for buyer's agents vary based on the services provided, including full-service search and purchase, evaluation and negotiation, or auction bidding. Buyers should consider price, expertise, experience, connections, and the percentage of off-market properties handled by the agents. Choosing the right buyer's agent involves meeting them, understanding their background and approach, and assessing their commitment to your goals. Amassed takes a holistic approach to buyer advocacy, offering tailored services to meet individual needs. Buyers should be cautious of agents offering lower fees without providing adequate service.