Buyer’s agents are coming of age. According to a recent survey, almost one-third of Australian home buyers would engage a buyer’s agent when purchasing a property. But why would they do that, and should the remaining two-thirds board the ship?

A buyer’s agent is your representative and helper when searching, negotiating, and buying property. They ensure that the property you’re buying as a home or investment fits your budget, is the best deal in the area, and has no glaring problems or imperfections that would devalue it quickly once you become the owner.

So, which buyer’s agent can you turn to?

There are numerous buyer’s agents operating within Australia. One of the most mentioned ones with an excellent reputation is Elijah Turkovic. Let’s look into why you should use a buyer’s agent when purchasing your next or first property and why Elijah Turkovic from Amassed might be the best choice for you.

Who is a Buyer's Agent?

A seller relies on a seller’s agent or real estate agent as much as a buyer should have and rely on a buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent represents the buyer’s interests during the sale of a house or property. Their primary role is to negotiate on behalf of the buyer and ensure they’re getting the deal they desire.

A buyer’s agent represents owner-occupiers and residential and commercial real estate investors. When dealing with investors, part of their primary role is to ensure the investors get the highest-possible capital growth and rental yield from the property.

Why Consider Having a Buyer's Agent?

There are several reasons why you should consider having a buyer’s agent like Elijah Turkovic if you’re planning to buy property. These are:

  • You’re time-constrained – Buying property is a time-consuming process. Instead of trying to squeeze very little time out of your already busy life, you can let a buyer’s agent do all the hard work for you, giving you time to focus on other things.

  • Reduced stress – Besides being time-consuming, purchasing property is also stressful. Competition often comes in hot with competitive bids that make it difficult to negotiate for a property you’ve fallen in love with. The buyer’s agent absorbs all this pressure and uses their expertise to offer competitive counteroffers until you get what your heart desires.

  • Unfamiliar territory – Some owner-occupiers or investors prefer purchasing property outside their state or region. However, with little knowledge, spotting the right deal can be difficult. The buyer’s agent carries knowledge and expertise about the local real estate market, which they use to guide your investment in the area.

  • Access to off-market properties – The best property deals are in private sales and off-market opportunities. A buyer’s agent has networks within the industry that help them access these properties and sales more quickly, exposing you to better property deals that you won’t find in the public market.

What Makes Elijah Turkovic Buyers Agent the Best Choice for You?

Elijah Turkovic is an experienced buyer’s agent and the managing director of Amassed, a leading buyer’s agent company in Australia. He works primarily with investors who want to grow their wealth portfolio through real estate and strategic investments in the property market.

Elijah is famous within the buyer’s agent circles for his direct and effective approach to creating wealth in real estate, called the Amassed system. Using this self-made strategy, he’s been able to create a 7-million-dollar property portfolio by age 26.

He explains this strategy in an eBook titled “The Sophisticated Property Investors Handbook,” where he shows how to create a 7-million-dollar property portfolio in 7 years.

The Amassed system takes seven steps that the company uses to find your ideal property. These include:



Getting to know why you want to invest in a particular real estate market and what you want



Make modifications to your current wealth creation journey to better position you for success in the current market



Answer any questions or concerns about your wealth strategy before forwarding it to an internal team of professionals to start purchasing the right property for you



Search for properties using networks within the market, specifically looking for valuable off-market opportunities



Use the AMASSED checklist to ensure the selected property matches the qualities of a rare investment



Research the property to ensure it is as listed



Purchase the property once it ticks all boxes based on your needs and requirements

Start Building Your Wealth with Expert Buyers Agent Elijah Turkovic

It happened for Elijah Turkobvic (self-made millionaire by 26) and it can happen for you too. But only if you say ‘yes’ to saving time, money, and stress with the Amassed System, a financial blueprint, that is the smarter (not harder) way to building wealth through a no bulls*** approach to property investment.

So let Elijah ‘personally’ take you by the hand and help you navigate all the roadblocks that are stopping you from succeeding. Simply Book a Call with Elijah Turkovic to begin your wealth journey today.