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Buyer's Agent Sunshine Coast

Of the 294,369 people living on the Sunshine Coast, 26.15% live in rental homes. Many residents are opting to buy a property and get an investment or home for their families. According to the data, home buyers in the region currently have to pay an average of $1,044,000 to secure a house.

That’s a lot of money that you have to ensure it’s going to the right investment. So, who’ll help you determine whether the property you’re buying is worth the price?

That’s a sunshine coast buyer’s agent. These professionals and agencies help buyers secure the best property deals in the market and steer clear of bad deals or fraudsters within Sunshine Coast and the larger Australian real estate market.

Here’s a rundown of who a buyer’s agent is, the sort of treatment and services you should expect from them, how to find one near you, and the advantages of working with one such as Amassed.

What is a Property Buyers Agent Sunshine Coast?

A buyers agent, also known as a buyers advocate, is a licensed professional who searches and evaluates real estate properties on behalf of the buyer. They also help negotiate for the property before purchasing it.

Sunshine Coast Buyers agents serve both residential and commercial real estate industry. Therefore, they can represent the interests of individual buyers or investors seeking to expand their wealth portfolio in real estate within the Sunshine Coast.

When working with either party, an expert buyer’s agent will work with data and data analysis and their experience to spot the property with the best value, rental yield, and capital growth.

Amassed, for instance, uses the Amassed System to ensure the buyer is investing or buying into a property that will appreciate in the short and long term. Therefore, even someone buying as an owner-occupier will still reap benefits if they decide to sell the property later.

The Key Responsibilities of a Sunshine Coast Buyers Agency

A buyers agent does more than merely search and negotiate for properties. The key responsibilities of the agent include:
Understanding the Client's Requirements

Understanding the Needs of the Client The buyers advocate will sit with their client and understand their needs and requirements for the property they wish to invest in or buy. These include details such as the number of bedrooms, the amenities they want to be close to, desired location, and the budget.

For instance, when working with Amassed, the team builds a property or wealth strategy for you based on your needs and requirements. This strategy creates the baseline for which they search and negotiate property on your behalf.

The buyers agent will also have intricate knowledge of the city, town, or region, putting them in a knowledgeable and authoritative position to guide the buyer, especially if they’re new to the area.

Therefore, you can invest or buy a house in the Sunshine Coast even if you’re a non-local and get something fitting your requirements.

Search for Properties

After getting your needs and requirements, the buyer’s agent undertakes one of their primary roles: searching for a property that fits those criteria.

Most buyers agents are well-connected with other players and real estate agents in the industry, allowing them to access excellent value investment properties that haven’t been listed yet.

For instance, Amassed primarily focuses on getting their clients off-market affordable properties, thus offering the best value to the buyer. These properties also sell at affordable prices because there’s little competition.

Evaluate Properties

The buyers agent will only show you properties that are a good fit for you. They use their expertise to evaluate properties and ensure they fit your requirements and needs before adding them to a shortlist.

As part of the evaluation, the buyer’s agent will also recommend inspections on the property to ensure there’s no pest infestation or parts of the building that have been constructed below standard. The buyer’s advocate may also recommend some of the best pest and building inspection services to carry out the inspection.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Once you express interest in buying one of their recommended properties, the buyer’s agent in the Sunshine Coast will start the negotiations on your behalf. Their legal duty is to get you the best price and sale terms possible.

An experienced buyers agency, such as Amassed, which has negotiated a property portfolio of over 7 million dollars, will know when to walk out when the deal gets sour. All the work done by the buyer’s agent is in your best interest as a buyer.

Bidding on Your Behalf at a Property Auction

Property auctions are another great place to get the best value properties in the market. However, bidding at an auction needs a professional who knows how to spot the right deal and make solid bids for them.

The buyer’s agent will handle all the nuances of bidding at a property auction while sticking to your budget.

What Sort of Treatment Should You Expect from Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agents?

As a buyer, a Sunshine Coast buyers agency holds the following duties and responsibilities to you:
Fair and Honest Treatment

Every buyers agent must provide their services fairly, honestly, and in good faith to all clients. The agent is responsible for answering your questions and concerns accurately and honestly.

Disclosure of Material Adverse Facts

Every buyers advocate mandate is to disclose material adverse facts that you don’t already know and may not know, even through vigilant observation.

This means that they must be honest about conditions or adverse facts that will adversely and significantly affect the value of your property, the health of its occupants or the strength of its structure.

The buyers advocate must also disclose the unwillingness or inability of one of the parties to close the deal.

Some examples of these adverse facts include leaking roofs, high radon readings, or a foreclosure sale preventing the seller from selling their property.


The buyers agent must keep confidential any information you indicate to be confidential or any other information they may know a reasonable person will want to stay hidden. You can list the confidential information when the buyer’s agency gives you their disclosure agreement.

You can also list the information you consider confidential, but the buyer’s agent can disclose in the disclosure agreement. For instance, you can authorise the buyer’s agent to disclose information about your financial qualifications to the seller to encourage them to take up your offer during negotiations.

Buyer’s agencies give clients the disclosure agreement before commencing their agency services.

Provision of Property Market Condition Information That's Accurate

The buyers agent’s mandate is to provide accurate and timely information about property market conditions with examples of sale prices for similar properties.

Sufficient Skill and Care

A buyers agent must have sufficient information about the region’s real estate laws, current market conditions, public policies, and physical properties of the property they’re buying on your behalf. Every agent must also employ reasonable skill and care when:

  • Preparing and generally explaining the purchase contract and other relevant legal documents 
  • Inspecting properties
  • Monitoring closing dates and deadlines
  • Recommending third-party advisors such as accountants, lawyers, and building contractors
  • Searching for a property that meets your criteria
Honest and Accurate Accounting
The buyers agent must accurately and honestly account for all funds and anything of value received from any parties to the real estate transaction. These include cash advances or earnest money held in the agent’s trust account, which is kept separate from the agent’s cash with individual records for each transaction.
Objective Offer Presentation
It is the mandate of the buyers agent to make unbiased and objective offers and proposals for a property, indicating the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How Do Seller's Agents and Buyers Agents Sunshine Coast Differ?

The law requires that all real estate agent treat the other side fairly. Therefore, despite representing your interests, a buyers agent should not act as an adversary to the seller or their agent. The same applies to the seller’s agent and how they treat the buyer or buyers agent.

But what’s the key difference between the two?

It all boils down to who they represent. A buyers agent such as Amassed represents your interests as a buyer in a real estate transaction. They reduce your property search, negotiation, and investment stress and use qualified, tried, and tested techniques to build your investment property portfolio.

A seller’s agent works for the seller and ensures they sell their property for the best price possible. Therefore, just like the buyer’s agent when negotiating, they want to get the deal done. This makes their interactions more straightforward and less hostile.

Australian law forbids a buyers agent from also working as a seller’s agent for two parties in the same transaction. This raises a conflict of interest since you cannot represent the buyer’s and seller’s best interests in the same transaction. They’re the opposite, with one wanting to maximise profit while the other wants to save money.

What are the Advantages of Working with a Buyer's Advocate Sunshine

Why should you go for a buyer’s advocate or agency in the Sunshine Coast, such as Amassed? Here’re a few reasons why you should be considering their services.
Time Saving

Looking for property and negotiating for it is time-consuming. It worsens when working in a time-constrained profession such as law, aviation, and medicine.

A buyer’s agency uses its expertise and knowledge of the local market to speed up the search and negotiation process to get you a piece of property or home faster than it would’ve taken your individual effort.

Better Negotiation

Negotiating for a property is a very intricate exchange. You can only secure the best deals if you know how the real estate market looks like in the area, how much similar property costs, and what you can shave off the final bill proposed by the seller or agent based on the property’s condition and other factors.

A professional buyer’s agent from an agency such as Amassed has a wealth of experience negotiating such deals and will save you money on the final transaction.

Competitive Advantage

The competition for real estate can get very stiff, especially when the deal is good. Using a buyer’s agent gives you a competitive edge since you’re dealing with a professional, proactive negotiator who can get things moving at the table faster.

An experienced buyer’s agent will also have strong connections to listing agents and potential vendors, making them aware of great property deals before the wave hits the public market. Therefore, they can make an offer before competition rushes in and inflates prices.

Access to Local Market Knowledge

You pay buyer’s agents for their local knowledge as well. For instance, an agent from Amassed working in the Sunshine Coast has excellent knowledge about the local council property laws, local weather, and school zones.

The buyer’s agent also helps you make local connections faster and integrate with the community quicker after buying the property.

Does the Best Agent Sunshine Coast Save You Money?

If you choose to work with a great Sunshine Coast buyer’s agency, such as Amassed, will you save money? The short answer is yes.

Firstly, the best buyer’s agent works strictly with the budget you’ve given them. And since they have excellent negotiation skills and insider knowledge, they’ll be able to eliminate overpriced property from their search and only show you what fits your bank.

Moreover, since they have access to off-market and pre-market properties, which are often more affordable and sell quickly, they can save a few more dollars off your bill.

Some agents also have a strong network with other helpful professionals in the market, such as accountants and mortgage brokers, to help you finance your property purchase.

How Do You Find Buyer's Agents Near The Sunshine Coast?

The most basic way to search for a buyer’s agent near the Sunshine Coast is by using your favourite search engine, reading through their websites, and reading reviews from their previous clients.

However, the best way to choose a great agent is by going to the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia website and browsing through the registered and licensed buyer’s agents in your area.

Prominent names such as Amassed are some recommendations you should check out.

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